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B Corporation

Grounded is proudly B Corp certified. Aligning with a global network dedicated to fostering positive impact. Committed to social and environmental responsibility, we're not just packaging – we're a force for good. As part of B Corp, we adhere to rigorous standards, ensuring our business practices contribute to a better world.

A Force for Good

B Lab, a nonprofit network dedicated to reshaping the global economy for the well-being of people, communities, and the planet, is committed to the relentless pursuit of making every business a positive force.

At the core of the B Corp movement, B Lab's standards set the benchmark for social, environmental, and governance best practices. As we advance the standards for B Corp Certification, your invaluable input is sought to ensure the latest draft is both ambitious and achievable, delivering the impactful change the world urgently requires. Join us in this transformative journey.

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