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this bag saves is an impact framework designed to help our customers attack three critical environmental issues: circularity, atmospheric carbon, and ocean health.

How the program works

Grounded has designed a unique system to create transparency across packaging material and sustainability data. This data not only helps our customers make informed decisions, but also provides the foundations to create a targeted and meaningful impact program as a collective.

this bag saves is the program that gives our customers the data & tools to hero the critical role they play in this.


Switching to circular systems

Access unique data and insights from moving towards regenerative materials.


Fossil fuel reduction


Moving to net zero carbon

Transition to lower carbon materials and supplies, with targeted offsets for any remaining impact.




Reforest the Ocean Program

Every custom order funds the restoration of mangroves to sequester atmospheric carbon.




Switching to circular systems

Designing for a circular economy goes beyond focusing on end-of-life. It requires re-imagining packaging design, materials and systems from the ground up.

It is critical businesses remove their reliance on fossil fuels where possible and moving toward regenerative building blocks.

this bag saves provides our customers unique data and insights to showcase the material difference they’re making.

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Compare the difference

Compostable material
Recycled material

Example: Changing 1,000,000 mailers from virgin plastic material to either home compostable single layer film or recycled LDPE film.

Material 1
Virgin plastic

30,400 kg

20,860 kg

Petrochemical materials
Material 2
Home compostable single layer film
Recycled LDPE film

9,120 kg

20,860 kg

Renewable materials
Percentage Reduction
Reduction in reliance on virgin fossil fuel materials



Petrochemical materials

Moving to net zero carbon

Getting to net zero carbon is no longer optional for businesses. this bag saves makes it easy for our customers to move towards lower carbon systems with fewer inputs alongside a program of targeted and auditable gold standard offset projects to address any residual emissions.
Material 1

51,000 kg

Virgin plastic
Material 2

26,700 kg

Recycled LDPE film

Total carbon reduction

49,184 KgCO2

Example based on 1,000,000 mailer order

Total carbon emissions

0 KgCO2


Reforest the Ocean program

We believe that the ocean holds the key to reversing climate change, and through our partnership with SeaTrees, we are working tirelessly to restore and protect vital blue carbon coastal ecosystems. By focussing on the restoration of mangrove forests, which are exceptionally efficient at removing carbon from the air (5-10 times more effective than terrestrial rainforests).

We have engineering every custom order to directly fund the Reforest the Ocean program. Current sites are Baja, Mexico, Mida Creek, Kenya and Biak Island Region, West Papua, Indonesia.

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Every package has a story to tell

Climate forward businesses employ the ‘this bag saves’ platform in a number of ways to deliver value across their business.
Drive better decision making
Set targets and areas for imrprovement
Set new benchmarks for their industry
Contribute to UNSDG
Enhance sustainability reporting
Increase employee engagement
Drive customer engagement
Sustainability impact data widget
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Plug your sustainability + materials data directly into your site
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Customers are part of something bigger

this bag saves program gives our customers the opportunity to be part of the solution.

It aligns with and is driven by the two globally accepted frameworks for moving towards a truly sustainable future, the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s Plastics Pact Network and the United nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Foster enduring, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth while ensuring full and productive employment and decent work opportunities for everyone.
Diminish disparities both within nations and across them.
Create cities and human settlements that are inclusive, secure, resilient, and sustainable.
Promote patterns of consumption and production that are sustainable.
Swiftly address the challenge of climate change and mitigate its impacts.
Preserve and responsibly utilize the oceans, seas, and marine resources to promote sustainable development.

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