Laptop displaying Blueprint web interface with floating boxes showing a variety of packaging options

3D prototyping tool

Streamline your project from concept to final proof with our online 3D prototyping tool. Easily customize product specs, view realistic 3D models of your designs and artwork, and compare materials with sustainability and pricing data for a truly informed decision.

Customise product specifications to meet your exact requirements  

Compare materials with pricing & sustainability data

Download custom dielines and review designs in 3D

Create your prototype

Design your ideal prototype with ease. Dive into a wide range of packaging formats, sizes, and materials, where you can choose from numerous customizable features to tailor your design to perfection.

Compare material & sustainability data

Assess the performance of materials based on essential sustainability metrics and pricing factors, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your environmental goals and budget.

Review designs in 3D

Upload brand elements and design online or download a Grounded dieline and design in Ai and upload to bring your prototype to life in 3D. Test print finishes on different substrates and understand opacity considerations.

Streamline your design process

Our 3D prototyping tools quickly transform your concept into a final proof. Compare materials, designs, and packaging formats with real-time sustainability and pricing data.