Laptop mockup of Grounded Packaging custom dieline generator website interface called Genie

Dieline generator

Design your custom packaging dieline effortlessly with Genie, Grounded's free online dieline generator. Dive into our diverse selection featuring standard templates or unleash your creativity with over 30 customizable packaging formats.

Create custom dielines based on your unique product specifications

Download your custom dieline in PDF, SVG or DWG file formats

Design your packaging artwork using your preferred design software

Completely customise your dieline

Select from our extensive library of 30+ packaging formats to tailor your dieline precisely to your production needs. Experiment with dimensions that best suit your product and explore a variety of custom features, placing them precisely where you envision on your packaging design.

digital 3d prototype with dieline generator fields
screenshot of dieline generator export page displaying various file types

Download your dieline and add your artwork designs

Download your customized packaging dieline in the format you prefer. With our free online dieline generator, you can export your dieline in PDF, SVG, or DWG formats. Start designing your artwork on the packaging dieline using your preferred design software.

Request a digital proof and move to production

When you're satisfied with your artwork design, reach out to one of our sustainable packaging experts. They'll provide a digital proof for your approval, and once we've finalised the detail you can start production.

digital 3d prototype with dieline generator fields

Ready to get started?

As we embark on an ambitious journey in sustainable packaging, rest assured, we're by your side every step of the way.