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Sustainable custom packaging for the next generation of consumer brands

Grounded is making sustainable custom packaging accessible and transparent - bringing together cutting edge materials science and sustainability data and software to drive the circular economy.
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Sustainable custom packaging for the next generation of consumer brands

Custom packaging solutions that minimize your environmental footprint and accelerate the circular economy. We utilize cutting-edge materials, sustainability data, and streamlined workflows to help you achieve your sustainable packaging goals.
Recyclable post-consumer recycled (PCR) laminate
Recyclable laminate made from up to 85% post-consumer recycled material. Food...
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Bio-based laminate
Soft-plastics recyclable laminate made from plants. Carbon negative material...
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High barrier plant fibre
Combination plant fibres modified during processing to have a high barrier to...
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Post-consumer recycled (PCR) bubble film
Recyclable bubble film made from post-consumer recycled materials. Excellent...
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Home compostable bioplastic film
Home compostable single layer film certified for both home and commercial...
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Post-consumer recycled (PCR) film
Recyclable film made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content...
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3D prototyping tool

Streamline your project from concept to final proof with our online 3D prototyping tool. Customize product specs, view realistic 3D models of your designs and artwork, and compare materials with sustainability and pricing data for a truly informed decision.

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Sustainability reporting

Navigate the complexities of packaging sustainability reporting and compliance with our all-in-one impact reporting solution. Access verified carbon footprint, material circularity and end-of-life data to find the optimal packaging solution based on your requirements and business goals.

Trusted by climate positive brands the world over

Every business has different priorities when it comes to sustainability and our approach is an agnostic one, presenting an unbiased view backed by material performance and data on the options available.

Meet your 2025 sustainable packaging goals