Commercial Invoice

What is a Commercial Invoice? A commercial invoice is a document used for customs declaration that identifies the value and quantity of the shipped products. What must be included in a Commercial Invoice? - Country of origin/manufacture (where the products were made) - Full name and address of the *supplier/manufacturer * - Full name and address of the business or person buying the products (noting if this person or business is different from the importer) - Full name and address of the *person or business to whom the goods are being shipped * - Quantity of units for each product - Unit value for each product (both in US dollars and the supplier’s currency) - Note: A declared value for every imported product is required, so a $0 value is unacceptable for Customs purposes. We suggest the product's fair market value be declared, even if you receive the goods free of charge. - A complete description of the product that includes what the product is, what the product is used for, and what the product is made of Note: A SKU is not a product description.