Mycelium is the living root structure of mushroom fungi and is the key ingredient in mycelium packaging (mushroom packaging).

Mycelium is created through the growth of fungal spores in a substrate of organic material (feeding the fungi different forms of waste including agricultural, hemp etc).

Manufacturers will create molds for the mycelium to grow into specific shapes.

There are many benefits associated with mycelium;

• Renewable: a natural product found in the environment with no known toxic effects (chemical free)
• Production: requires very little water, light or space to produce at scale
• End-of-life: home compostable. It can even degrade in the natural environment returning nutrients to the soil (natural fertilizer)
• Versatility: mycelium can be molded into different shapes and sizes, making it suitable for a variety of packaging applications
• Protection: mycelium packaging has robust cushioning properties, making it effective in protecting delicate products during transportation + water resistant.It is the ideal solution to replace products that require styrofoam due to its low cost, thermal insulation and structure.