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Paperboard with aqueous barrier coating

High-barrier aqueous coated paperboard is an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional paperboard products, offering a sustainable solution for various packaging applications including hot cups and takeaway packaging. Produced from responsibly sourced paper fibers, this paperboard is coated with aqueous material that provides moisture resistance without compromising its ability to break down in composting environments or to be recycled in the paper recycling system. The aqueous coating ensures the paperboard remains functional for numerous applications, such as; food, coffee, cosmetics and other consumer goods.


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The Good

  • Acqueous coatings are water-based and in most cass can be composted and/or recycled
  • the paperboard to break down into organic matter in composting facilities, contributing to soil health and reducing the burden on landfill
  • Aqueous coatings provide moisture resistance, ensuring that the paperboard remains functional for various applications without compromising its ability to break down in composting conditions
  • It has wide consumer appeal with a Plastic Free certification

The Bad

  • While aqueous coatings offer moisture resistance, they may not be as effective as certain non-compostable coatings, such as those made from petroleum-based materials. This limitation might affect the suitability of the paperboard for certain applications
  • Typically it is more expensive than traditional non-compostable materials
  • Despite it being compostable and/or recyclable infrastructure to process the material is currently limited

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