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Recycled corrugated board

Grounded's corrugated board from FSC certified post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper. It is renewable, kerbside recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than virgin paper. It can be produced in either kraft or white board and comes in all common flute sizes. Colours printed on natural kraft paper appear more muted so if you require a vibrant print choose the natural white or coated white board. Suitable for use across a range of formats in e-commerce and retail.


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Kraft paper
White paper

The Good

  • Highly versatile and plastic-free shipping alternative
  • Paper recycling works effectively in most places around the world, with kerbside collection widely available
  • There is no limit to the number of times paper can be recycled making it a highly circular material
  • It is entirely made from renewable materials that have passed a rigorous chain of custody certification and don't contribute to deforestation
  • Durable, highly functional and can be used as a direct replacement for plastic in numerous formats.

The Bad

  • Paper has a higher carbon footprint due to the energy required to run a paper mill
  • It is more susceptible to water and tearing compared to plastic or bioplastic alternatives
  • Higher raw material cost compared with plastic
  • Volume and weight per unit are higher than plastic alternatives, which can have an impact on shipping cost.

Frequently asked questions

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