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Recycled paper padded honeycomb

Grounded's recycled paper padded honeycomb film is FSC certified and made from post-consumer recycled paper. It is renewable, kerbside recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than virgin paper. Suitable for use across a range of formats in e-commerce and retail.


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Kraft paper
White paper

The Good

  • Highly versatile and plastic-free shipping alternative
  • Paper recycling works effectively in most places around the world, with kerbside collection widely available
  • There is no limit to the number of times paper can be recycled making it a highly circular material
  • It is entirely made from renewable materials that have passed a rigorous chain of custody certification and doesn't contribute to deforestation
  • Durable, highly functional and can be used as a direct replacement for plastic in numerous formats

The Bad

  • Paper has a higher carbon footprint than other packaging materials due to the large amount of energy required to run a paper mill
  • It is more susceptible to water and tearing compared to plastic or bioplastic alternatives
  • Higher raw material cost compared with plastic alternatives has an impact on transportation costs

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