Manufacturing in sustainable packaging involves creating packaging solutions with minimal environmental impact. This includes using renewable or recycled materials, reducing energy and water consumption during production, and minimizing waste. Sustainable manufacturing practices also emphasize efficient resource use, pollution reduction, and adherence to environmental regulations. By focusing on sustainability, manufacturers can produce eco-friendly packaging that supports a circular economy and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

Will I get a digital artwork proof for my custom order?

Yes, we will provide you with a digital artwork proof to sign before proceeding with production. If you would like a physical proof we can also do pre-production samples at an additional cost. Please note this will also extend the lead time of your order.

Can I get custom sizes?

Yes, if your order for custom packaging meets the minimum order quantity (MOQ)for your product we can customise the size, print and optional features for you.

What does MOQ mean?

MOQ is an acronym for Minimum Order Quantity. This refers to the smallest number of units of each SKU you can order for your custom packaging. Each product specifies the custom MOQ in the details section on the product page.

What is the MOQ, and can you split MOQ across multiple SKUs?

First up, for all those that don't yet speak packaging, MOQ means 'Minimum Order Quantity'. This is product dependent and can be found in the details section of the product page. Unfortunately the manufacturing MOQ cannot be split across multiple SKUs. If the MOQ for a product is currently a bit high for your business we have a wide range of products available in our online store which come in smaller cartons and can be labelled to get a similar result. Check out our Online Store for more details.