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Recyclable PP laminate

Grounded's mono-material PP laminate and can be recycled in either dedicated PP stream or soft plastics collections. It has similar performance and barrier properties to traditional plastics that are not recyclable and is suitable for use across a number of different industries. It is particularly well suited to snack foods and vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal packing processes.


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Metalised film
White film


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The Good

  • PP is a highly recyclable material and has wide application across numerous packaging formats and industries
  • It is highly durable and affordable, and can be used across numerous different packaging formats
  • Available in high and low barrier structures
  • Considerably better than most non-recyclable multi-material laminates

The Bad

  • Made from virgin petrochemical materials
  • More cost-effective than most bioplastic alternatives to flexible packaging
  • Soft plastic recycling is challenging. This material either needs to go into a dedicated polypropylene stream (#5) or a drop-off soft plastics collection stream, which are limited although growing rapidly
  • Doesn't contribute meaningfully in moving towards a circular economy, but it's a starting point

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