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Candy Kittens (UK) were looking to move away from virgin plastic plastic pouches but wanted to test them with a small run to gauge customer response. We worked to deliver a high barrier home compostable stand up pouch for the UK summer festival season.
Grounded Packaging - Candy Kittens case study


Candy Kittens are a plant-based, vegan sweets brand and they wanted packaging that aligned with their sustainable brand and business.


High barrier, transparent, home compostable pouches utilising our Plantcell™ compostable laminate technology.

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Compostable stand up pouch

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Made from Plantmade™ materials

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Produced for the food manufacture & production industry

Grounded Packaging - Candy Kittens - example packaging


We've done the hard work so you don't have to. Our experienced team works exclusively with the most sustainable and innovative packaging materials in the world.

Plantcell™ compostable laminate

Packaging material specs

Sustainability properties

Every product and material we've developed has been designed with both quality and environmental impact in mind. Our pledge to be completely transparent means that customers have total visibility on production, supply chain and life cycle impact for each of our products.

Industrial Compostable

Industrial Compostable

Biodegrades under industrial composting conditions into organic biomass

Home Compostable

Home Compostable

Biodegrades under home composting conditions into organic biomass

Fossil fuel reduction

Fossil fuel reduction

Reduces the amount of virgin fossil fuel content

Renewable materials

Renewable materials

Made from regenerative materials grown on responsibly-managed plantations


Our materials carry globally recognised certifications to ensure our customers can have full confidence in the sustainability credentials of each product and material we provide.

OK Compost Home

OK Compost Home

Certifies material is compostable in a home compost

OK Compost Industrial

OK Compost Industrial

Certifies a material is compostable is an industrial compost facility

Impact data

Candy Kittens has had the following positive effect across three critical environmental issues through their packaging choices: circularity, atmospheric carbon and ocean health.

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Reduction in fossil fuel

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Removes atmospheric carbon

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Ocean bound plastic saved

Annual estimated

Grounded Packaging - Candy Kittens - example packaging